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We live in Appelscha
North of Holland

Cell: +31 (0) 650 569 807



Andrea & Fred

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Before you contact us, be sure your interest in our kittens is serious and reliable.
We won't answer any emails asking just for the price of a kitten and/or without a former presentation of yourself and your intentions towards the kitten.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone at any time for any reason

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This is a private cattery and the people who call us to inquire about our kittens are welcome to do so, but please be aware, that you'll go by a selection/evaluation process.
If you are interested in our kittens, we may offer you buying privileges, but it is not a given just because you call to inquire.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone at any time for any reason, especially if we detect a sense of entitlement,  arrogance, untrustworthiness of any kind.
We are looking for serious people that we can trust with our precious family members that are deeply loved and happen to be felines.
Our kittens are not 'merchandise' to buy off the shelf like you were looking for an appliance at the best price. This isn't retail and we don't offer any bargains to the public.
If you find this offensive, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere.