Our story started...

Well, Fred started breeding in 2000 under the name of Sterrekatten and i started in 2008 under the name of Forest Myths.
We both started breeding for the same reason, because we fell in love by this fantastic breed named Norwegian Forest cat.
It's true what some say, when you get your first, you go for a second and you don't stop on a third... :-)
Until now, we haven't found a breed that makes us more happy than the Norwegians  and one of the main reasons is due to their caracter and personality.

Norwegians can be so overwhelming in so many ways, in a positive way of course. Honestly, we can't find any negative point on them. ♥
They are loyal ♥ They are trustworthy ♥ They are sweet and caring ♥ They are super playful and sometimes mischievous ♥  They are mega social and love children and other pets ♥ They are flexible and extremely adaptable to diferent situations and circumstances. They always make you laugh, so funny and special they are... ♥♥♥ They are semi-longhaired cats but they very seldom shed hair and have nots. They love water and they love to be brushed. And even sometimes, they talk to you, kinda in a spoiled way, eventhough they don't need it because they are already so expressive in their behaviour... ♥♥♥ What more can you ask for? :-)

In 2010, Fred and i moved in together and we joined forces in a renewed Sterrekatten & Forest Myths cattery.
We made the decision of combining our best cats to make a new step in improving the quality of our breeding.
We selected our best cats in 2010 from our former catteries , neutered the others and gave them new wonderful homes where they could live as happy pets. In 2011 we started with the selected breedingcats.

Our main goal is to breed well tempered, beautiful, big, healthy and strong Norwegians with qualities like wild expression, nice type with a balanced overall look and excellent coat. We try to breed as close as possible according to the FIFE standard.

Every now and then, we like to go to FIFE shows and show our beautiful Norwegians. :-)
We also get to get some fun with friends, getting to know new people and breeders and see other beautiful cats.
It's quite fun the breeding world, when you only focus on the good things.

But the most important to us is that the families that get a kitten from us are happy with us and with their new family member, and the same applies for us.
We reserve ourselves the right to choose the families for our babies so, if for some reason, there's not a click or a good feeling with you, the people who visit us, we can always advise you to look somewhere else.

But don't let yourself be intimidated with this... Of course you can always visit us. :-)
You're more than welcome in our house if your intentions are good.
We have feline intuition... We can smell you ;-)

                           Andrea & Fred